Diesel slammed for selling £350 jacket covered with the word ‘fa**ot’

Diesel slammed for selling a 'faggot' jacket

Fashion brand Diesel is being slammed for selling a £350 jacket covered with a homophobic slur.

The ‘satin bomber jacket’ features the word ‘faggot’ painted all over the back.

It is part of the label’s ‘the more hate you wear, the less you care’, ‘Ha(u)te Couture collection.

The brand’s clothes include hoodies, t-shirts and jackets emblazoned with hateful bigoted remarks.

But the other words are remarkably less hateful.

Words used include ‘not cool’, ‘imposter’, and ‘the bad guy’.

One of the hoodies declare ‘Diesel is dead’.

Diesel slammed for selling ‘faggot’ jacket

‘Haters gonna hate?’ the campaign reads. ‘Ok. We got haters. You got haters. Everybody does.

‘Do we care? No we don’t. We actually….wear.

‘Discover the Diesel Haute Couture Collection because the more hate you wear, the less you care.’

However, some say homophobic slurs is not something that should be considered fashionable.

On Twitter, people have called the jacket ‘disgusting’ and ‘horrific’.

In a TV advert, actor Tommy Dorfman chose the jacket because it matched the worst online comments  he had received.

Dorfman chose to wear the word ‘faggot’.

‘You don’t make online hate disappear by hiding it’

The brand has also offered the option to create your own Ha(u)te Couture items in store.

A portion of the proceeds will be going to the anti-bullying charity, the Only the Brave Foundation.

Diesel has responded to the criticism.

The brand tweeted: ‘It’s worth repeating: you don’t make online hate disappear by hiding it.’

‘The main thing is not to hide,’ said Bruno Bertelli, the creative officer behind the campaign. ‘Hate comments are based on the fact that people are hiding themselves. ‘If you keep [hate] inside, it grows and hurts and becomes bigger and bigger.’

When criticism first arose, Diesel released the following statement: ‘Our aim has always been to disempower those that create the hate and manifest negativity.’

Source: Gay News