Woman who drove into family after a fight with her girlfriend gets two years in jail

Woman driving

A woman received two years in jail after driving into a mother and her three children while under the influence in Salford, England.

Samantha Ogden got into her car, allegedly in a ‘frantic’ state of mind after a fight with her girlfriend, and ran into Natalie Mulligan and three children, aged 11 and six, at a high speed in February.

A test provided to the court showed Ogden, 29, was three times over the limit for driving while under the influence of drugs.

According to Manchester Crown Court, Ogden tried to explain herself to Mulligan after the accident by saying: ‘I was just having shit with my bird and I needed to get off.’

‘You could have killed someone’

Ogden’s defense lawyer Daniel Gaskell said in court: ‘She was fleeing from an abusive partner after they had had an argument.’

He also said his client was in a ‘frantic state of mind’ after ‘trying to get away from someone making threats to her’.

Gaskell also confirmed Ogden acknowledges the serious nature of her actions.

Ogden rapidly reversed her car, driving 30 meters before hitting Mulligan and the three children. Prosecutor David Lees told the court the 6-year-old lost consciousness for 10 minutes and is still suffering from nightmares. She was in the hospital for three days.

Both Mulligan and the two 11-year-olds also suffered more minor injuries.

Judge Hillary Manley recognized Ogden was escaping a volatile situation, but told her that she ‘could have gone on foot’.

‘Driving at speed in a residential road in this way, you could have killed someone,’ she said.

Manley gave her two years in jail, as well as banned her from driving for two years.

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