Kelsey Martinez breaks ground as Raiders’ first female assistant coach

Kelsey Martinez crawled at five months old and walked at nine months, says her mother, Khris Fuentes. She rode her first bike without training wheels. She hated being inside and spent much of her childhood in Pueblo, Colo., outdoors and playing sports.
“She was in the trees, she was playing baseball, you name it,” Fuentes said. “Everything that the boys could do, she could do.”
And still, when Martinez told her mother she intended to pursue a coaching job in the NFL, Fuentes figured there would be challenges.
“I told her, ‘That’s great, and I want you to have goals like that, and I hope you can achieve that,’” Fuentes said. “ ‘Just know that’s a male-dominant type of career — or not even really career, just atmosphere.
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