Philly bashing victims sue their attackers

Kevin Harrigan, Kathryn Knott, and Philip Williams were charged in attack on two gay men.

A gay couple are suing the three people who attacked them on a street in Philadelphia’s Center City neighborhood in 2014.

Zachary Hesse and Andrew Haught have filed a civil lawsuit against Kevin Harrigan, Kathryn Knott, and Philip Williams who were all charged in the attack that left one of them hospitalized.

Their lawsuit states that Harrigan shouted gay slurs at them and called Hesse a ‘dirty fucking faggot’ and punched him in the face.

The suit claims the other two assailants held Hesse’s arms down while Harrigan hit him repeatedly and Knott punched him in the face and called him a ‘faggot.’

They accuse Williams of hitting Haught in the face multiple times.

Haught was beaten unconscious and required emergency surgery for a fractured jaw bone and orbital bone.

His jaw was wired shut for two months and he has permanent scars on his face.

Hesse and Haught accepted a plea deal and did not serve any time behind bars.

Knott was convicted in December of misdemeanor charges of simple assault and conspiracy but was found not guilty on the more serious charge of aggravated assault

Knott gained the most notoriety of the trio following the attack.

It was discovered that she had posted photos of patient X-rays on Twitter that she had access to through her job at the Lansdale Hospital where she worked as an emergency room technician before she was fired.

Her tweets added to her notoriety including one Knott posted after she saw two men kissing in a bar. She wrote: ‘#gay #ew’ and ‘ ‘jazz flute is for little fairy boys’ among others.

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